The Road Back

Today is the last day of the Errandonnee, put on by Mary of Chasing Mailboxes. I wanted to participate this year as part of my ‘victory lap’ but weather forced me to stand down a couple of days. Ordinarily I would double up and still complete the challenge, or I would have ridden in less than ideal conditions, but this year I just don’t have a whole lot of extra energy as I recover.

Dr. S released me to ride outside on March 15 so I drove home and hopped on my bike. It would have been hilarious for anyone watching to see how I was running around trying to find all my cold weather biking stuff! When I last biked outside it was December 11 and (ahem) I didn’t put everything away.

So I biked that day 10 miles, then the weather was crappy. But once it was bearable again I rode to and from George Mason University for the Maker Faire, Sunday, 25 miles. On Monday I rode 11 miles doing errands.

Then it snowed and it took several days to melt off enough that I felt safe to ride. I’m already not great on wet bridges. Add double vision and … yeah.

So the following Monday and Tuesday, just under 15 miles each. Wednesday 22, Thursday 20 and Friday (yesterday) 25 miles home from seeing the Other Doctor.

Dr. S had said the remnant of the tumor (they had to leave it due to location) has grown, so sent me to The Other Doctor, Dr. L. He is very cautious and instead of a “one and done” wants to do the same amount over many sessions because the location is so close to the brain stem.

28, maybe 29 treatments, M-F, probably starting April 16.

Most common side effect is fatigue, and it’s 25 miles biking home from Bethesda. So if I can time the appointments right, I can ride 10 or 12 of that and then hop on Metro. And then come home to take a nap.

So, on the eve of Easter, I’m counting my blessings. Two very successful healthy children. Good health care. A husband who is always ready to drop whatever he is doing to come answer a “Mayday” (yesterday in Vienna at the 25 miles in the rain and headwinds point), a home, heat and a/c, transportation, resources sufficient to more than provide for our needs and many of our wants. And friends and family who are awesome and loving and supportive.

Here are my photos from my attempted Errandonnee:


Fantastic Thai Food @Nunu’s


Wednesday Ramble to Bolivian food




As I left Bethesda…


So take THAT stupid tumor. You are not the boss of me!



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