Friday & Saturday on the Tour

Friday and Saturday we were weaving our way down the Delaware River, alternating first between New York and Pennsylvania with a small dip into New Jersey on Friday. Then on Saturday we alternated between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The views were beautiful, the people were nice.

We are mostly following Adventure Cycling routes, and the one for Friday put us on a gravel path – good for my light touring Surly, not so great for the others on skinny road bike tires. So we looked hard at the route for Saturday and took ourselves off the cart path and onto a wide shoulder on Rt. 29.

Ironically, on the paved road getting to Rt. 29, the surface had been recently “oiled and graveled” so there were some pretty sketchy parts no matter what size tires one had.

Out on Rt. 29 though we saw MANY cyclists, most heading north. They were day recreationalists and everyone was friendly.

About 12 miles short of our finish on Saturday, I got a flat. I fixed it with Suzanne’s patience. While we were on the side of the road doing it, a guy came out to offer his help. He provided a Powerade and two drinking glasses, which was awesome. His name was Vince and he told us “Youse be careful,” as we headed down the road. Not 20 minutes later, my tire was flat again.

I sent Suzanne ahead and called for SAG. Mike-san came to get me and when I got to the church and examined the inside of the tire, I saw one of those little radial wires on the inside of the tire. I couldn’t tell whether it had made it through the tire liner. BUT, when Mike (mechanic) examined my tube later, there was a split at the base of the valve. It would never have been good long enough for me to finish. Sigh.

Ah well, at least I changed the tire. Three times. I will probably have this grease under my nails for weeks.

In front of a house in Milford, PA.

9.22 - 4

Crossing into New Jersey! This is Suzanne, my riding buddy for a lot of this trip.

9.22 - 5

A bike eating pothole – normal for the trail on Friday.

9.22 -6

9.22 - 7

9.22 - 8

9.22 - 9

Coming up, we were on the Appalachian Trail for a wee bit.

These last two photos were when we crossed the Delaware Water Gap on the Appalachian Trail. It was awesome!


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