Up, Up, and Away

The balloon flight in Santa Fe was wonderful. We booked through SantaFeBalloon Company, owned and run by Johnny Lewis. He is a charming, colorful, west Texas character who also happens to be really smart and have 8000+ hours ballooning. He told us he had two rules. 1) Johnny don’t get hurt and 2) Johnny don’t hike. That meant we were in good safe hands and would land where the trucks could get to us.

There were two groups of eight passengers each, and a number of ground crew folks who made it possible for us to fly and land and be retrieved. The whole experience was top quality. I can see why the folks in Hollywood have been shopping around a ‘sizzle’ to see if anyone wants to take on Johnny and his crew for a reality show. Here’s the link on youtube if you want to see it and see Johnny at work (and play). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTHtHSfEgDk

And here are the photos:

There was a second balloon, piloted by Sol.

Some happy balloon passengers:


These were holes in the cliffs that the birds nest in. Johnny told us about doing balloon surveying in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and locating two tombs that had not been observed prior to that time. This terrain is reminiscent of his trip to Egypt, he said.

At the end, we had mimosas, a little snacking, and certificates to commemorate the ride.


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