Taos to Santa Fe

Riding out of Taos was exhilarating. Mike and I were scheduled to sweep, but he was still not feeling well so David joined me.

First we had to get the bikes and people down from the camp in Taos Canyon. Three of our riders took the road on their bikes.


We did our circle-up at the Taos Visitors Center and headed out eventually (lots of flat tire issues that morning).

The day started pretty level and we could see the Rio Grande Gorge to our right. Pretty soon we were IN the Gorge and zooming down wonderful curves and up mild climbs.

Sadly, when we left the mountains we also gained an old and not welcome companion – headwind. The next 40 miles were a slog, riding an access road with little to no cover, few businesses, and constant wind.

This stretch went through three or four different Indian reservations, or tribal lands. They are sovereign nations and there is very little development on them. The overpasses are decorated though.

In one there were some pretty churches.

When we got to the last rest stop we were offered a relief van. I was so tired I was doing dumb things on the road, so I took the olive branch. David pressed on for the next 9 miles  to finish so I salute him!

That was my last Fuller Center ride and I was glad to meet my mom at the church. We headed to the hotel where I got cleaned up and rested a few minutes on a real bed. Then back to the church for dinner and farewells.

One last point – early the next morning Mom and I went with Mike on a balloon ride with Santa Fe Balloon Company. It was totally worth the price and the early get up. I’ll share the photos in a separate post.


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