Tonight we’re in Alamosa at Alamosa Presbyterian Church. It’s a great facility. They have lots of work crews who come through for missions with groups like Habitat for Humanity so they put bunk beds in two classrooms and remodeled the bathrooms to include showers. On top of that, they provided an excellent dinner tonight!

Riding from Salida to Alamosa wasn’t very scenic. Actually, it was pretty boring so I don’t have many photos. Tomorrow heading from here to Taos will be similar – lots of high desert agriculture and way too much time on the same roads. I like routes that make us watch the turns and stay alert!

The reason for the title is in the name of this town. Alamo means cottonwood in Spanish, and Alamosa is place of many cottonwoods. We have seen quite a bit of the cottonwood drifties while riding the last few days. Achoo!

The best thing I saw today was two small birds engaged in air-to-air combat with a big black bird. I’m pretty sure they were mockingbirds. The big one wasn’t as big as a crow, but something along those lines. The little spitfires actually forced the lumbering cargo plane down to the tarmac (i.e., the road) where he sat for a few minutes with that “WTF just happened?” look. Then a car came along in the other lane and he launched for flight. The second he was airborne the little guys were back and chased him across the field to my right.

I was laughing out loud watching it and trying to pay attention to where I was riding at the same time.

Here are the minimal photos from today.


My teammate Meredith during circle-up


Our last morning in the mountains. It was freezing cold! I found a geocache here.


This is a pretty farm I saw on the way into town.

Two more days and I get to see mom in Santa Fe! Woo-hoo!


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