Into Salida

First, it’s pronounced “Suh-lye-duh”. Don’t try to make it Spanish. The best thing about this town is that it is downhill from Leadville, and only 60 miles.

There were a couple of fun moments in Leadville last night and this morning. I saw these girls visiting the gas station.


And this morning before we left, our trip leader Henry was being goofy with Mark.


Today’s ride was markedly different than yesterday’s. We had some cross and headwinds, but overall, it was a lovely, pleasant ride.

Along our way we were accompanied by the Arkansas River as it winds from its headwaters at the top of the Sawatch and Mosquito mountains in the Rocky Mountains. Apparently it got its name from the mouth of the river, in Napoleon, Arkansas and the name travels upstream.

There were some interesting vistas, including the “chalk cliffs” and the “Collegiate Range”. No kidding, there are mountains named for Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. All are over 14,000 feet. Harvard is the tallest, of course.


We found some fun sights in Salida as we walked around.

And finally, it was Mike’s birthday. I took him out to dinner to a place called Quincy’s. Before they seat you they tell you what’s on the menu – one entree, one side, and salad with house dressing. Take it or leave it. Fortunately, what was on their menu was exactly what we wanted – filet mignon, baked potato, salad, and water. I also had a beer. They gave Mike free cheesecake to celebrate his birthday. The total bill was less than $30!

Mike’s friend (and now mine) Mo had arranged with me a few days earlier that she would have a cake and ice cream delivered to celebrate the event. We got back JUST as the caterer was leaving. It was a gorgeous and delicious cake!

Happy Birthday, Mike!


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