Craig, Colorado

We stayed in Craig 2 days. Saturday was our build day. The team was dispersed between 8 different locations. John went to work on oiling logs at an elderly lady’s home. Lindy and I went with Mike to work on a different lady’s mobile home. She needed work done on her roof, back door, and painting work. It turned out the only thing we could do was the paint work. We had neither the time or tools to address the other issues. These are the photos.

It was delightful to have Lindy and John with me. After the build the three of us went to a local hotel to have an evening together with real beds and a real shower.

Sunday was a free day. After the kids left I did a bit of exploring Craig and then got prepared for this week.

This morning the president of the local Fuller Center, Neil Folks, came by to see us off. He’s a wonderful guy.


Then we headed out to Kremmling, our stop for the night. I skipped 15 miles of straight up climbing, but did the rest, so my total miles was over 80. At the summit of Rabbit Ears Pass, the valleys were beautiful, but the dead lodge pole pines are just so sad.

Before we got up there we went through Steamboat Springs. The Yampa River goes through there and there’s a great riverside trail.

As we neared Kremmling the scenery changed. There was still a lot of water in the landscape, but very different look.


And finally, the sign we were waiting for:


We are having some technical difficulties this evening. Our support van died just outside of town. Apparently it needs a starter. Several people are jumping through lots of hoops to see if we can get it moving tomorrow. Our ride tomorrow is to Leadville, which will be our biggest climb, but we’ll probably have to all do it before the van catches up with us. Here’s the profile:

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 8.22.52 PM


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