Building & Resting in Craig

To catch us all up – on Thursday we left Utah and entered Colorado.


These were along the ride in. It was a tough ride due to the heat but we survived it.

We spent the night in Dinosaur, CO courtesy of the Dinosaur Bible Fellowship Thursday night. Pastor Chuck was a congenial host once again. The town is really drying up though. He has only 5 members now.


I was on dinner duty. Since I had seen the Gallery of Bones at the Dinosaur National Monument last year, I waved off the shuttle where almost everyone else went to see them and cooked instead. Everyone seemed to enjoy it when they got back. Several of the guys were enlisted to help Pastor Chuck move some furniture around. It was a tight fit and made us a tighter fit inside the church!

I awoke yesterday morning to find my back tire flat. Yes, the new one. Searching the tire, then the liner, I found a tiny wire that had penetrated the liner. We put a new tube in and as we were inflating it, it blew. It was time to roll and I was very frustrated so I just took a mental health day and rode the van.

When we got into Craig, there was a package from my dear friend Amy. That was such a welcome treat! Public thank you here, Amy!

I was excited to be in Craig because I knew my kids were coming to visit and help us build on Saturday. Grace was kind enough to stop at the bike shop where they told me they didn’t have anything exactly, but something ‘might’ fit.  I wanted to wait for Mike’s expertise so we headed to the church.

Lindy arrived not long after we did and that was great. Then Mike rolled in so the three of us went to the bike shop. Mike was not optimistic about what they were offering. I was definitely frustrated, but we made a plan for Lindy to drive me over to Steamboat Springs Saturday.

The local Fuller Center hosted us for dinner at the local community park. That’s also where we were to take showers. They’re the kind that you have to hold the button on to get water, and it only gets so-so warm. That was the final straw for me and I just about lost it. I decided to not shower, since I hadn’t ridden, and headed over to the park to meet Lindy. While she and I were walking around looking at statues people started calling my name.

It turned out the lady from the bike shop had dug back in her storage area and found some tubes that would work, then hunted me down to get them to me. When she found me, she provided three tubes and refused payment. Her name is Anna and thank you God for this angel!

After our BBQ dinner, we were back at the church when John arrived. He decided not to do the mountain bike race in Keystone after practicing the route. It was very technical and he felt that for him and his current skill level, dangerous. I’m so glad to have him here but I know he is disappointed. Then he discovered that he had either left his backpack with clothes/towel/gear in Keystone or it had been taken while he was there.

A trip to Walmart satisfied the immediate needs, and he’ll call the race organizers to see if it was turned in, but it was a tough night for him. Hopefully some sleep and food this  morning will turn things a little brighter. It was a tough day for the blonde Westenhoffs yesterday.

Today we will help build here in Craig. There are a number of projects to work on. I’ll try to get some photos.


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