Into Colorado!

Yesterday’s ride was from Heber City to Roosevelt. The day began with this scene.


There was a huge climb out of Heber City so several of us skipped that. I started riding at Rest Stop #1, from Daniel’s Summit. It still gave me over 80 miles for the day by the time we got to Roosevelt.

I remembered from last year that the ride from Daniel’s Summit to the next rest stop included a beautiful ride along a lake. I also remembered that in front of the buildings at the lake last year we saw something really special. I kept my eyes wide open and sure enough, I saw this fellow:


I’m used to East Coast ospreys, so this was a special treat. The lake is actually a reservoir, fed by the Strawberry River, hence its name, Strawberry Reservoir. That river showed up again and again as we descended the mountain on US 40. It was, by far, the most beautiful part of the ride.

The next rest stop was at a fun overlook where I saw a baby dinosaur.Jun21.87

I found a geocache there too! Just a small bison tube, but fun to find. Sadly, there were no bathrooms so I snapped a few photos and moved on. By then Mike had caught up with me (he rode from the beginning). Here are the photos of that overlook.

The next rest stop was at ominously named Starvation Lake, but we decided to pass it up in favor of the next town where we knew we could get real treats. We located a F’Real machine and enjoyed our efforts!


Starvation Lake was beautiful and I took this photo as we rode over the bridge. I stopped there last year for more photos and the historical info.


We stopped briefly at Rest Stop #4, but pressed on. At that point everything was sore — my wrists, my butt, my toes…

As we rode into Roosevelt we saw a storm moving over the mountain. Mike, David, and I were the first three in! What we didn’t know until the rest arrived is that a bunch of people got caught by that storm while at Rest Stop #4. I tried to capture the storm with these photos, but it really doesn’t capture how dramatic it was.

Tonight we are just across the border in Colorado. We’re in a tiny town called Dinosaur. It used to be called Artesia, but they changed the name in 1966 to take advantage of the fact that the town is near the entrance to Dinosaur National Monument.

It’s a cute little town, but it is slowly dying. The mines nearby closed, and any industry has left. When the Bike Adventure was here last year, Pastor Chuck told us that he had 8 members. This year, he’s down to 5.

Tomorrow I’ll post some photos from today’s ride to Dinosaur.


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