Up and Over

Today we left Salt Lake City. Here is the obligatory bike and church photo from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.


Salt Lake City is in a bowl. Guess what that meant we had to do? Yep, climb!

Our first climb was up to Emigrant Pass. It was the last pass in the Wasatch Mountains that the settlers heading west had to pass through on their way to Salt Lake City. It was a beautiful and challenging climb!

While at the rest stop, I found a critter trying to hijack my bike!


We settled it peacefully and I got back on to enjoy some downhill before the next climb. The second climb was really taxing — it was on the shoulder of I-80 with LOTS of truck traffic going by. The pass was called Parley’s Summit. I hitched a ride with our van for the last mile, but then rode the rest of the day.

We went through Park City, home of the Olympic ski venues.


We were on a great bike trail, but were climbing above 7000 feet. I felt sluggish and depleted due to the elevation!

As we dropped back towards Heber City we enjoyed some more beautiful mountain views.

Now we are at Mountain View Fellowship Church. A fast moving storm has come and gone over the mountains, cooling us and bringing some great winds. They’re supposed to turn into tailwinds for tomorrow!

The ride tomorrow will be just short of 100, with the first 17.5 miles about 4000 feet of climb, but again a beautiful area (not the interstate).  I’m thinking about hitching a ride to the first rest stop. It will depend on how well rested I feel in the morning!



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