Salt Lake City for the Win

Today is our “off” day in Salt Lake City and it’s the best off day we’ve had so far.

Yesterday we rode in from Grantsville. There were only 5 miles on the interstate and the rest was lovely, including a paved trail that went along the river almost to the end of our ride.


We watched the land turn from salt flats to mixed terrain. As we rode in we were remarking upon the 10 foot wide bike lanes. Then coming towards us, we saw the reason the lanes were so wide there! The riders crossed to the other side when they saw us, but waved and smiled. A while after that, where there was no bike lane but it was a very quiet street, we saw this pair! Yep, that’s a donkey!





Our host church, St. Paul’s Episcopal, is where we stayed last year. It was like coming back to an old friend.

I was all excited about my tires being here … until I realized they were the wrong size. I ordered 26’s instead of 27.5’s. I called the two open shops, both chains, and neither could help. In tears, I called Green Lizard and talked to Beth. She put Brad on and GREEN LIZARD SOLVED MY PROBLEM! Can I ever say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them? Brad is overnighting tires to me in Hebert City, where I’ll get them tomorrow. That made a bummer of a day turn around, so I stopped pouting and decided to get some errands done.

I needed to go to Bed Bath & Beyond (the laundry destroyed my delicates bag) so I thought I figured out the bus schedule. I had, but going the wrong direction so I spent an hour watching the world at the Salt Lake City bus terminal. (Hint: It is a lot cleaner than any other bus terminal I’ve been to!) I finally got the right bus going the right direction. I wasn’t sure where to get off, but a guy on the bus said he was getting off there and would point me in the right direction. I got into the store with 10 minutes to spare and cashed out at 6pm exactly (closing time).

I wanted to get something to eat before I tried the journey back. As I stood in line at the Doerner Kebab place, I started chatting with a young woman (Amber) about the bike adventure. Before we were finished she offered to drive me back to the church. Amen and thank you God!

Today Mike and I headed up the hill (via the bus again) to the University of Utah where we spent the entire day in the Natural History Museum. It was awesome – better than the Smithsonian one. We went to the top floor and roof deck first so we could see the entire valley.

From there we worked our way down, starting with the Native Voices and artifacts area, moving down to life science, then geology. We took a break for lunch and then went back to the exhibits on the Great Salt Lake and gems and finally ended with the Vikings. It was overwhelming and fantastic. Oh, and we can’t forget the dinosaurs. This is a dino-freak’s dream museum! SO many great dinosaurs found in Utah, with many more still in situ. One of the cool things about the display area is you can look into the lab where scientists are preparing specimens.

The Viking exhibit was also interesting. These runes spell “Kelley”… although I’m not sure it translates directly.

Also, when we first went in I asked if they had a military discount. The girl was so friendly and asked if we had our ID cards. We showed them and the price was FREE. It’s not very often that retired military and dependents get in FREE! Thank you! Another God thing!

After the museum I called Uber so we could go to REI. The girl driving us, Rocio, is from Guatamala and was delightful. She waited while we ran in to get the tire liners I need (just in case the super glue has seeped through to the one in my current tire). Then she took us back to the church. Mike had never used Uber. I’m not sure he’s a convert but it sure beat waiting an hour for a bus!

Tomorrow we head for Heber City – only 50 miles but a bit of climbing. I’m going to try to ride it on my Super-Glued tire. It’s lasted for 4 days, hopeful that it can go another 50!


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