Out of Nevada Into Utah!

I confess that when I looked at the Google images of the area we rode through yesterday and today, I wasn’t excited about biking through northern Nevada. It looked very stark and desolate.

Boy was I wrong. It was fantastic. We stayed two nights ago in Carlin, which is a gold town. I didn’t have any internet, so I couldn’t post how wonderful the people there are. There had been a mix-up for our arrangements so at the last minute – less than 24 hours from our arrival – one of the churches opened up for us, and one of the ladies in town recruited a huge potluck. They were amazing.

Last night we were in Wells, which we got to by way of Elko. Elko is a great little town with a wonderful railroad park. These are our media interns doing what 18 and 20 somethings do.


These are Maddie, Becky, and Kian. They are documenting the trip, and working at the supporting rest stops and generally keeping the bicyclists happy and sane. They’re all wonderful. Maddie is at University of Alabama, Becky at Biola University, and Kian just graduated from high school.

I’m having trouble with connectivity tonight, so I’ll leave you with their cheerful faces and catch up with things tomorrow night.


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