Last night we stayed in Winnemucca where the United Methodist Church hosted us. I think their church looks like a Krispy Kreme store!

Today’s ride didn’t go so well for me. The stand-in tire rubs, which makes it act like a brake. Thus, I can’t coast. When one is supposed to ride 100 miles, coasting is important. Additionally, every bump translated up to my sitting down place! So I bailed out after 44.

In the time that I was on the bike we were in a huge basin surrounded by snow-capped mountains. These are the views I got.


I saw these nests when I was under a bridge near one of our rest stops. They’re made by swallows and are very cool!


They were stuck in the joining area between the bridge support and the deck. Amazing — and occupied. When I showed up to take photos, they flew out but they kept circling around!

So the experiment tomorrow is that tonight I put my Cambium saddle back on, and having superglued the old tire, I put that back on too. It may bump a little but it won’t be anything like the one that’s rubbing. I just hope it can last until I get to Salt Lake City. Fingers crossed!



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