Lovelock to Winnemucca

IMG_2355Yesterday evening we were hosted by the Alpha Omega Fellowship of Lovelock, Nevada. The pastor, Daniel (a/k/a Shaggy) and Deacon John were delightful. We came in off a terrible riding day – rain and cold the whole way. These gentlemen provided hot cocoa and coffee, pizza, salad, and encouragement. We pretty much filled their sanctuary to the tippy top between bikes, bedrolls, and bags. After dinner Daniel played some of his original praise music for us. Then he and Wes, one of the riders, played together. Wes plays guitar and banjo. They had fun and we enjoyed it too.

It was a bit of a rough night though – lots of noise when we’re all crammed into one place, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today. I typically don’t sleep all that well on the bike adventure anyway, but last night less so.

Because of the gash in my Michelin, I’m running on a mountain bike tire that has more tread and is fatter. In fact, it barely squeezes into my frame. If everything is perfect, it spins freely. If one goes over any bumps, it starts to rub. About 10 miles out today, it started to rub. Mike offered to stop and straighten it, but I didn’t want to take the time. Not long after that suggestion, we hit a part of the road that had been milled, so any good we would have done wouldn’t have lasted long!

One of our rest stops today was at a truck stop. I saw this:


These are two of our fantastic support folks. This is Grace and Maddie. They drive the van with the trailer attached and show up to feed us at designated spots. Grace keeps the logistics of the adventure going. Maddie is the one who put together our first trip video.


We saw a small critter this afternoon. I think it was some kind of ground squirrel. Fat and bushy, he was a streak across the road in front of us.

The vistas today were stunning. We are so fortunate that although it is June 13, winter returned to the high desert this week. The temperatures were great today and the snow on the mountains is beautiful. The high desert plants are reacting to all this water and smell fantastic. I know I smelled sage, and perhaps something more lemony. We were mostly on frontage roads with very little company.



One thought on “Lovelock to Winnemucca

  1. spinkrun

    I see you just got tires sent overnight to you. Send me your size, and I’ll check to see if there are any discounted ones in our “warehouse”. If you start on a Michelin tire . . . 😉 #SpringRoomie

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