No, It’s Not Hot Here

I keep getting emails from friends at home asking if we’re through the “hot” part of Nevada. This morning it was 38 degrees, raining and with a wind of 25mph as we left Fernley. Our first 3 or so miles were into a headwind. Once we turned northeast it was much better, but a lot of the ride was cross-wind as we continued.

Between the improvised tire which is bulkier and heavier, and the wind, I wasn’t going very fast so I was freezing. The rain never let up so I couldn’t get warm. Being smarter than the average bear (or wimpier – feel free to decide), I stopped at the first rest stop. Twenty miles in that was enough. I also knew Mike would ride much faster without me, and be warmer sooner if I bailed out, but that he wouldn’t leave me.

We are staying in a church called the Alpha-Omega Fellowship whose pastor, Daniel, and deacon, John, have rolled out the welcome mat for us. They are a church of about 10 regulars. Daniel is a musician, so later this evening they will join us for some praise music.

Here is what the ‘desert’ looked like as we were leaving Fernley.


And this morning, there was fresh snow on the mountains!


Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca. Its most famous point is that it’s featured in the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve been everywhere, man”…

Hoping for better weather.



One thought on “No, It’s Not Hot Here

  1. cctrike

    Wow Kelley, you’ve been ‘everywhere’ ,you’ve stayed with the musical Deacon, and you smartly survived a nasty, wet, cold headwind. Once again, I’d say you know how to live!


    Liked by 1 person


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