A Day Off in Fernley, NV

Yesterday evening I made the point that everyone should be looking for goathead thorns in their tires while we had an off day and some good light to see them.

When I went to take my own advice today, instead of a goathead or two, I found this:


Thank goodness these are Michelin tires. They have a very strong inner fabric. I also have a tire liner in there between the tire and the inner tube. I think it happened about 12-15 miles from the finish. I remember hitting something but since nothing happened, I didn’t worry about it. The light of day was quite revealing!

Well, it’s Sunday in Fernley and there are no bike shops open. The nearest big city, Reno, had one bike shop open. I called over and they said they had something that would work. It’s a bike co-op, so they have a lot of used tires. Our teammate Phil took Mike and I over. They had a wider tire than I use, and it’s nobby, but if it gets me to Salt Lake City, I’ll be happy. I’ve ordered a new set of Michelins to meet me at the church there.

This is what the bike shop looked like:


This is their cool bike rack out front:


And here is a photo of the Truckee River which runs alongside I-80 between Fernley and Reno.


And finally, here is our lovely host church. One of the ladies, Millie, put together a dinner for us last night that consisted of a chicken pasta dish and green beans. Yum.


It’s been raining here on and off all day, so I decided not to do any geocaching. A lot of the caches here are ‘check the box’ caches anyway – nothing interesting about the town.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get rain. It’s difficult to know which clothing to get out and get ready. At least today was laundry day so everything is clean to choose from.

On to Lovelock! The route:


Screenshot 2017-06-11 at 3.56.07 PM


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