The People I Meet

One of our comments last year was from a friend in DC who said she enjoyed reading about the people we met. Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d tell you about one person in each place we’ve been.

In San Francisco, at St. John’s Apostolic Armenian Church, three ladies prepared a fantastic dinner for us the first night we were there. Tanya, the youngest of them, was eager to know more about biking. She lives in San Francisco, and rides, but not much. She expressed a lack of confidence in dealing with traffic. I talked to her about the League of American Bicycling classes and found some information on line about upcoming classes in her community. Biking for the win!

In Novato, one of the women who helped prepare dinner is named Marian. She was wearing a t-shirt from a raptor conservancy. I struck up a conversation with her since our family are such bird nuts. It turns out she is a bird bander for a local raptor group. We had great fun talking and by the time we finished, she promised to send information to me about a program they have for internships for young people. I might have talked about my daughter’s GIS expertise and passion for birds …

In Vacaville, a woman came in to check on dinner prep. Her name was Karla. She had just recently remarried after many years and expressed that back during her divorce her bike had been her therapy. Her new husband is an avid biker. They will both be retiring in the next year. When I said, “think about celebrating your anniversary with this group next year – biking and building for the Lord,” her eyes lit up and she was eager to take a card with more information.

Then tonight, here in Sacramento, I was sitting near the church elevator working on the blog. A sweet woman asked about all the bikes. I told her a little about our mission and she was thrilled. She said she is 87 and can’t ride anymore due to balance problems but loves what we’re doing. We exchanged a promise – tomorrow when I get tired going up the 4000 feet of elevation over 70 miles, I’ll think of Rachel and pedal for her. She promised that she would pray for our safety. She was getting ready to go teach a class in the church, and said her class would pray for us too.

So – four churches, four women, four pictures of people interested in what’s going on with this crazy adventure!

Today was a lovely ride from Vacaville to Sacramento, mostly flat, mostly on trails. It was amazing. We stopped at the Bike Hall of Fame in Davis (what a great infrastructure city!).

After Davis we rode over a slough where there were beautiful birds.


And Mike was very patient while I stopped to take photos. It was a good thing we were sweeping today! Tomorrow we climb in earnest!



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