Novato to Vacaville

Today was another good Bike Adventure Day. We rode through the Sonoma wine country. No stopping for free samples though – FCBA rules.

The weather was lovely. We started in jackets, shed those by the first rest stop and I took off my tights by the second one. It got hot in earnest and by the time we reached this lovely overnight spot, I was out of water and ready to stop. Tomorrow I start using the Platypus.

Mike and I took two . . . ahem . . . diversions. But it was all good – we only went 5 extra miles. For the first, as we returned to the route, I saw a huge white bird flying along — it didn’t have that necky look like an egret or heron. I could see some dark markings near the neck, so I wonder whether it might have been a crane. It was definitely having trouble getting airborne in the heavy air! I also saw some western bluebirds. Such a beautiful flash of blue as they take flight!

I didn’t take many photos. As it heated up, we were focused on getting finished. But as we got close to Vacaville, I thought these guys might have been confused. Maybe they need to change the name to Cabritoville?


Our hosts here are the priest and congregation of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The priest is a cyclist himself (a serious one), so he is very up on our adventure. Tonight after a yummy lasagne dinner, we did a presentation showing both videos from last year. People were very interested. We also have a couple of former riders visiting, one of whom will ride with us for a few days!

I found a geocache in the church parking lot which was fun.

Tomorrow we ride almost all downhill or flat, from Vacaville to Sacramento by way of Davis, the most bike-friendly city in America. We will have a special tour of the bike museum – they’re opening for us even though they’re not usually open on Tuesdays. Looking forward to an easy day before we start our big climbing days ahead!

Today was 64.4 miles with our marks. The folks going through first are supposed to mark the pavement for turns but sometimes the turn is in a place that’s too dangerous for them to stop and mark. My Garmin was not tracking correctly so we were very dependent on our ‘bike sense’ as well as our cue sheet. It all worked out in the end!


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