Pentacost Sunday

You might wonder what the Bike Adventure looks like. A lot of it looks like people in orange jerseys riding down the road. But sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning, it looks like this.


We spent the morning with our new family — the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church hosting us on our ‘off’ day in Novato, California. They have been so gracious. Their church is built into a hillside, with an undeveloped area right next to them. Every Lutheran church I’ve ever visited has huge windows inviting Creation to be part of the worship experience. This church is no exception. I confess I got a little distracted watching a vulture soaring out over the hillside this morning.

We attended the informal Saturday evening service yesterday, which was lovely. The church is decked out in red for Pentacost. The stained glass windows are beautiful. Here’s an example that illustrates today’s significance.

IMG_2273The first reading was Acts 2:1-21. This morning something happened that did NOT happen last night. As the reader began in English on the microphone, people all over the sanctuary stood and began reading in different languages – French, German, Afrikaans, etc. We didn’t know what they were reading, but they told us later it was the exact passage. It was spine-chilling to experience. Because I understand English best, my ear tuned into that version. But for someone in the congregation or visiting who understood one of the another languages — imagine what they were experiencing!

After church we had a meeting and our ‘free’ day began around 2:30. Mike helped me find whatever was causing the slow leak in my front tube and I was finally ready to ride around 3:15. I went into downtown Novato to find a bike shop (get more tubes) and a drug store (Triple A batteries).

The bike shop was great. IMG_2267

lg-logo1Bicycle Brustop is a great little shop. They gave me some stickers and were happy to have a couple of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure business cards! They serve beer, but one of our rules is no drinking and riding, so I just refilled my water bottle.

On the way back I saw a Thai restaurant. Hoping for some Sun-dried Thai beef, I stopped to have a bite for dinner too. No Sun-dried beef, but yummy salad and appetizers!

I decided against geocaching as time was growing short and the winds were picking up. Tomorrow’s route is going through wine country, and the church folks told us it will be beautiful. Since it’s only 60 miles, I plan to take a lot of photos. I picked up the batteries I needed and came back to enjoy a quiet evening of getting ready to ride.

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 9.14.31 PM


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