San Francisco to Novato

Today we finally got on our bikes to ride! Our host, Father Ash from St. John Armenian Apostolic Church, sent us on our way with a wonderful blessing for safety and meaning. We were all energized by that, but not so much with the cue sheet. It was back and front, tiny font, and lots and lots of turns.

Nonetheless, we managed to get through the city, mostly as a group, and taking care of one another. It was overcast but lovely. We rode down through Golden Gate Park, by Ocean Beach, and then climbed the hill to Cliff House, through Lands End and the Presidio.

At Baker Beach we stopped to dip our back wheels and get a group photo. You could barely see the bridge in the background.


IMG_0161Then we got back on the bikes with the Golden Gate Bridge as our goal. Of course, once there we needed to have another group photo and some individual ones.



The bridge opens for pedestrians on one side and bikes on the other. Today they switched what Henry had been told because there was some kind of protest going on in the pedestrian lane. I don’t know what the issue was but they were all wearing orange shirts – so it looked like they were with us! It was so great to see the Fuller Orange crossing!


We continued to stay in a couple of groups throughout. No one rode alone and no one rode way out ahead. It was awesome. We started the day with a view of Alcatraz, and on our way to Novato, we passed San Quentin. We started with fog, and ended with sunshine. We went from wonderful host to church to wonderful host church. Life is sweet. This was our route (with a couple of slight mods)

Screenshot 2017-06-03 at 8.49.23 PM

Our hosts tonight and for tomorrow are the pastor and congregation of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. After church tomorrow, we will have an off day. I plan to go find some geocaches, and maybe hit a bike shop.


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