Biking Daily

I’ve been trying to get as much saddle time as possible in preparation for the upcoming trip. I used Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to tweak the route for the 55+ Ride I’m leading for my community tomorrow. We’re headed to Arlington by Metro, and then biking most of the way back, visiting historical sites along the way. For those who don’t want to ride too much, there’s a bail out point at Falls Church East Metro. (Riding all the way back makes it about 20 miles, but I promised them 15).

We’ve had excellent weather to do this, so riding 20, 40, and 40 was easy and fun. Today I also rode 40 but I had some powerful incentive.

Did you know today is National Barbecue Day? Armed with that information, I knew I needed to go to Leesburg to see my friends at Yummy Pig.


It was delicious, and the perfect incentive for the 20 miles out there. The 20 miles back were well-fueled.

Along the way out I saw this:


They were a lovely spot of color on the W&OD. The smells on the trail were delicious today too. A bit of fertilizer, lots of honeysuckle, the warm paraffin smell of the plastic bridges . . . it always makes me think of the Crayola factory we visited on a school field trip when I was young.

Heading out and back there was a detour at one of my major trail connections. I wish they would post the “expected length of detour” when they do this – and I’m not fond of the gravel either!


The fence high on the right is on the W&OD – this is the on/off ramp from the Fairfax County Parkway Trail. People come off the W&OD at speed – the gravel could be a nasty surprise!

When I got back to my little neighborhood, this is the kind of riding I enjoyed to cool dow and slow down. Ahhhhh.


Today’s mileage was 41. So if I skip the 20 on Saturday, I’m already at 100 for the week! Woo-hoo!


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