Moments of Calm Reflection

My day was planned yesterday. I would meet a guy to sell him some parts that he needed, the proceeds of which would benefit our after school bike shop.

Then I would get on my bike and ride over to meet a friend for lunch.

All of this would start late enough this morning that I could get a bunch of things done around the house (that I’ve been neglecting in favor of cycling weather).

So I did meet the guy, and it was great. He’s young and works for National Wildlife Federation (did you know their HQ is in Reston?). He’s getting their Bicycle Friendly Business program going again. The NWF building backs up to Lake Fairfax Park, famous for awesome mountain bike trails and a pump track. They have an on-site bike fleet for the employees to use but . . . let’s just say he’s motivated to change the current usage rates. Their building is so cool — there’s a screen in front of it on which vegetation grows, contributing to the cooling of the building during the summertime. It also makes it blend in so beautifully to the park. It’s still in spring mode but you can see where it’s going.


I also gave him a bunch of the hot-off-the-presses new Fairfax County bike maps and some of the flyers for the bike safety and learn to ride classes coming up. These maps are so great and the info on the back is fantastic! Truly an assortment of need-to-know bike stuff!

But on the way back home to change to bike-woman, I received a text from my lunch date. Her 2 year old grandson had an emergency, so she was going into grandma mode to help her daughter-in-law. The daddy of this boy is enroute to an overseas assignment for the US Air Force.  I remember this feeling well – helpless when your kid is sick and your spouse is unavailable. I thank God my friend is available for her daughter-in-law, that they have a great relationship, and that I’m close enough geographically that if they need any additional help, I’m available. In the meantime, I’m praying.

This kind of thing reminds me of how quickly life can throw us curves. But God knows our needs and troubles and is more than equal to carry us through them. Hug your kids and other loved ones today. It can change in an instant.


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