Ride Day 5; Build Day 2

Ride Day 5 found us moseying into Houston, Mississippi. The local Fuller Center there is brand new, having switched over from being a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in December. We were so fortunate to witness the signing of the covenant partnership agreement. Even better, it was on-site at the build we worked on.

The ride on Day 5 was good. It was a 43 mile day – short and sweet. We stayed at Parkway Baptist Church which was awesome. Their pastor, Randy, is the local Fuller Center board president.

The house that we were working on was a new build. When we arrived the house had been framed and wrapped and inside the electrical and plumbing were all roughed in. He needed several work groups: building the deck, hanging siding, preparing a flower bed, dragging stuff to the burn pile and burning it, cleaning the inside of all construction trash and hanging insulation. The 29 of us split into various groups and went to work. It had rained the night before so the work site was quite muddy, but bearable.

The crews that used tools got filled quickly, so I joined the cleaning team, the burn pile team, and eventually helped with insulation. Here are photos of the build.

Today’s ride, #6 was long and windy. Check out the flag in the photo below. Yeah, we were riding into that.


There weren’t many pull offs for photo ops, and with the wind, we just had to keep going. It was a 76 mile ride. Not much elevation change but headwind almost the entire ride.

Tonight we’re in Kosciusko. Brian C and I went to get cheeseburgers after our showers. We were only missing pizza so we were okay with that. Alan and I found a geocache – his first one. 🙂

We received a wonderful presentation this evening, but I’ll fill in the details tomorrow. It’s late and I’m tired.


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