The Trace: Better Weather

Day 3, our second riding day, was a 64 mile ride from Duck River to Collinwood. We were still in Tennessee. In Collinwood the Collinwood United Methodist Church treated us very well with dinner and roof overhead. We had a choice of where to shower – at the Welcome Center or the Volunteer Fire Department. I went to the VFD. It was a huge building and there was no one in there except those of us going to shower. They must manage it all remotely!

The ironic thing is that there were two burned down businesses on either side of the welcome center…right across from the VFD, so perhaps not staffing the place is more of an issue than one might think.

At any rate, the pastor there was hilarious. We parked our bikes in his carport next to the church. He told us we didn’t need to lock them up because everyone knows his security system is Smith & Wesson. No kidding, he was wearing a holster with a handgun in it — even in the church! A little disconcerting.

Back on the Trace the next morning for our longest ride day, 91 miles. I did 50 of them and then took a lift due to … ahem … lady issues. Here are some photos from that day.



We came across a lovely pull-off.

There was a bit of a detour where they’re fixing a bridge. That was nice to see some different landscape, and then these guys near the end.


A little later I saw this sign, and then this car!


One cool place we stopped, at the very beginning, was the Whispering Wall, a memorial to the creator’s great grandmother who had walked the Trail of Tears as a child, and walked back later in life. These are photos from there.

Riding day 5 and Build day 2 will be featured tomorrow!



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