Trapper Keeper?

Some of you know what that title means. For others of you, the Trapper Keeper was the “coolest” school must-have item for school kids for a couple of years. It was a glorified notebook binder that had all kinds of ways to help you keep up with your stuff, turning you into a better student but more importantly a cooler kid.

Well, maybe that second part wasn’t entirely true. I was never one of the cool kids.

And today I was DEFINITELY not one of the cool kids as I experienced my own “trapper keeper” moment.

I shipped my Surly down here for the ride. It arrived today and I carefully unpacked it (labeling every piece of foam and taking lots of photos).

I met the challenge of getting the handlebars back at the ideal angle only about halfway the first time. But in order to discover whether they were still too low, I took the bike for a spin.

Right before I left Virginia I installed new cleats on my shoes. As I was spinning around the neighborhood this evening I could NOT get out of my clips. No matter how hard I moved my ankle, I couldn’t get out either side. I felt trapped and kept (hence, trapper keeper). Finally I leaned down and unfastened my shoe buckle, pushed it off my foot, and stopped with my sock foot on the road.

Even then, I couldn’t get the other foot out of the clip so I did the same and walked home in my socks. Unlike when I was in high school, my mom didn’t say anything about me ruining my socks. 🙂

After I adjusted the handlebars again, I set myself up in the garage to sit static and maneuver in and out of the clips until they were easier.

I’ll do a true ride tomorrow to test things out, but for now, I’m calling this an Errandonnee wild card! Test ride that averted disaster! What I learned: New clips need a break in period AND I am fully capable of putting my bike back together in a rideable condition. Woo-hoo!

And even better, in my bag of carrots today I met the Easter Bunny. Things are definitely looking good for this trip!



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