Define Personal Care

One of the categories for the Errandonnee is “Personal Care”. That could be getting your hair cut, nails done, therapy, yoga, etc.

My therapy is riding my bike, so I’m claiming Errandonnee #5 for me is Personal Care. Today my friend Laura and I got out for a nice 45 mile ride. We waited until noon so it would be at the day’s warmest by the time we were in our stride. Both of us thought we’d be shedding layers eventually.

But that didn’t happen. It never got really warm enough to shed layers – but it was warm enough that we enjoyed a great ride. We went up Fairfax County Parkway trail, crossed Rt. 7 and continued up Algonkian Parkway, went all the way around there to stay on it across Rt. 7 again going south, when it turned into Atlantic. Once we hit the W&OD we headed west and stayed on it until we could do an Ashburn loop, then returned to the trail to head east towards home.

By the way, as we went south on Atlantic, I finally got to take a photo of one of my very favorite road signs. Not a great photo, but fun. I had Scotty’s brogue in my ears, “Captain, the warp drive isna workin’. I need some time!”


We stopped at Green Lizard for a little R&R, and fortunately Laura had some Aleve. I haven’t been on my Cannondale for a while (except for short workouts on the trainer) so my joints were aching from different positioning than my Surly. Aleve is a miracle drug! After we finished our coffee products, we headed home for the last 5 miles of our ride. This photo is on our final stage.


Observation: There is a direct correlation between my ability to get a ride in and my personal well-being. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband.

Five out of 12 are finished.


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