The Irony of Trying Something Different

Yesterday, in order to support my Errandonnee experience, I went to a different drug store than I normally do. I wanted to go to a different shopping center, to an actual drug store rather than inside a grocery store (two errands instead of one). I rarely patronize that shopping center, and almost never the drug store.

My purchases were inexpensive but I literally had $2 in cash (my bank was the errand after this one), so I had to use my credit card – for about $10.

I didn’t use the card again until yesterday evening for a parking garage in DC. (People in Reston should quit complaining about parking fees – it cost us $20 last night)

This afternoon my husband got a fraud alert on the credit card. Between those two purchases, my card had been charged for 3 purchases in California – one $1, one $3.50 and one $75.00.

Obviously there was a skimmer of some kind at Rite Aid — and this was using a card with a chip! We’ve straightened things out with the credit card company and ordered new cards, but how annoying (I’m leaving town on Saturday for a bike trip and I’d really like to have a CC with me!) and really infuriating. On the grand scale of theft, these little purchases were nothing. But they add up to a huge world wide fraud business.

These kinds of things always take me back to the important questions like, “Why do people choose to do the wrong thing?” Clearly, that person knows the digits don’t belong to him or her. Everything I needed to know I learned by kindergarten – keep your hands to yourself, take turns, be kind, and don’t take stuff that isn’t yours.

I was supposed to lead a ride today to go see the Cherry Blossoms but all my riders backed out over cold and wind. I used the day to do something so incredibly fun — worked on taxes. Ugh. No biking but I did go to help with the afterschool bike shop. That was fun.


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