Sunshine Riding

Today was a beautiful day to ride. I’d still be out there except that I have a meeting this evening so needed to come home to fix dinner.

Errandonnee Success #2

Category – Store errand – stopped at Rite Aid to pick up some items for my trip and some small Kleenex packs. Everything is blooming. Observation: NO bike parking. Sigh.

Rite Aid

Errandonnee Success #3

Category – Non-store Errand – Stopped at bank to get $$ for trip. Observation: The free lollypops they give out are a lot smaller than the old days.


Errandonnee Success #4

Category – Social Call – Had coffee with my friend Rick. Observation: the guy who sits in front of Lucia’s smoking his cigar makes it a challenge for anyone else to sit outside and enjoy the weather.


And a bonus photo: Saw a new place getting ready to open. I just looked it up – apparently it’s a chain that sells bubble tea. If that’s all they sell, they’ll miss out on my business. Can’t stand the stuff.

TeaToday’s weather was perfect for running errands. Watch this space tomorrow to see what March loves to do!


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