Cache Away

Excellent two days caching, biking, and enjoying the sunshine. Yesterday was unreal – up in the 60’s in January! Today wasn’t quite as warm but it was still amazing.

I was determined to go back to a cache from yesterday and knock it off my list. There was a woman parked right in front of it yesterday, sitting in her car talking on the phone. That wouldn’t be too unusual except this cache is behind a building that has NO tenants. So there were no cars in any parking lot anywhere around. Sometimes cachers use the phone for cover while they’re looking, but no . . . she was actually talking.

I saw her the first time I went by yesterday, and thought I’d go look for another nearby cache and return. It was (no kidding) over 30 minutes later before I got back and she was STILL THERE.

Today I avenged that miss, and picked up 5 others. Some were cute (you would quack too if you had a cache container stuck up your backside), others were strictly utilitarian. But overall, it was a beautiful day. When I started out I resolved to look for the beauty around me. Here are some of the things I found.

cache1This was near a cache that says an old family burial ground was here in years past. It reminded me of one of the places we rode through this summer. A wonderful woman at one of the churches offered us a ride to and showers in her home. When we drove up, I saw a small garden by her door FILLED with little heart-shaped rocks. It turned out that one of her granddaughters hadn’t lived very long, but had charmed everyone she ever met. After her death people, especially children (she worked for the school district), started bringing little heart-shaped rocks to this grandmother – to help her grieve.

Further down the road I encountered this odd little structure.


It’s a burger place now (and they smelled absolutely fantastic), but back in the day — and I mean 1789, it was a “Potomac Valley” style structure. The log cabin wall on the front porch and the chimney are original. Right after I retrieved the nearby cache a huge fire engine pulled up. Guys got out of the truck and I asked if they were going for burgers. They all grinned happily that “yes” was the answer. One of them asked how far I was riding today. When I said, “about 15” he thought that was a lot. I laughed and told him about Fuller Center Bike Adventure. Then he was REALLY impressed. The firefighters’ patronage tells me that this place is worth revisiting when I’m hungry enough or have ridden enough miles to justify the grease!


Next, I traveled up an old road (there are a few old roads in this part of Fairfax County – but most of it is new). Along that road I grabbed a couple of caches and tried to note the beauty of the babbling brook, the joy of the path untrodden. At one cache site I didn’t find the cache, but I did find these:

Tiny pink flowers (which I’m sure mean thorns and awful stuff in the spring), but they were pretty for today.






And finally, I saw this wonderfully intriguing invitation near a cache site that made  me smile. Doesn’t that just look like a portal to a different world? The sun was shining on it at just the perfect angle to capture the whimsy.


I saw gorgeous foxes, loud birds, and many fat squirrels today. I also saw young Americans of all colors out walking dogs, jogging, biking, and just doing what they need to do. It all made me smile.



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