So Good to Be Back

I flew back on Thursday the 29th, rode in the Green Lizard Bike A Thon on October 1, and got sick the night of October 2nd.

Haven’t been on the bike since until today.

It was gray and overcast but the first day I’ve felt like getting on the bike. I just needed to do some errands and feel some fresh air. Since I wasn’t sure how wobbly I might feel after a week mostly in bed, I took the Cannondale.

Oh my goodness, after 3500 miles, this bike fits me like a well worn pair of slippers. It was positively energizing to start pushing the bike and myself up hills and through twists and turns. The Synapse is so familiar now, it’s like a part of me once I’m in my clips and it was indeed, glorious.

I stopped at a friend’s to pick up stuff to hand out at an event, then rode up to the Metro station area to get on the W&OD. Rode to Best Buy to drop off old phones and other devices for recycling, cut through Reston Town Center to see the new Bike Share kiosk set up at the Transit station, and hopped on the trail to Green Lizard.

There I engaged in my REAL reason for getting out – my first coffeeneur stop. This is a fun game you can join with (it’s really not too late). Seven weeks, seven separate places to drink coffee (or other similar drink of your choice). All the rules are at   Most important is a photo to document the ride.


This is Shelby, barista extraordinaire and more importantly, Matt’s wife and Beth/Dave’s daughter in law. She’s a sweetie and takes good care of me. She is also my friend.

After my coffee I headed home. Did some other fun things, but I’ll chronicle those tomorrow.

It felt GREAT to be back on the bike. Seeing as tomorrow has an 80% chance of rain, I might not enjoy the bike again until Sunday.

The Coffeneuring challenge has an optional “Theme Within A Theme” one can pursue. Watch this space to see what my theme within the theme is.


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