Southwest Riding

I’m in Texas right now visiting my mom in El Paso. I am increasingly impressed with the city’s implementation of bike infrastructure in the newer areas, and retrofitting the older neighborhoods as possible.

Yesterday when I was riding out to the eastern limits of the city, I enjoyed a lovely bike lane that went on for about five miles. Because this is the desert and there severe water restrictions, many people have xeriscape landscaping, i.e. rocks. I was impressed to see a HUGE dog park for people whose furry friends need something kinder to their little paws. Not only did the city planners think of the dogs, but … check THIS out!


And people actually comply with it – at least most of them did yesterday (of course, there’s one guy who ignored it). But I was impressed that the no parking signs were on both sides of the road. I don’t think I’ve ever seen signs at home that reinforce the idea that bike lanes are not alternative parking or loading lanes!

Yesterday I only did 20 as I didn’t have my clips on the bike and it needed some handlebar tweaking as well.

After a visit to Crazy Cat Cyclery yesterday afternoon, all was well, so this morning I went out for a 30 mile ride.  I stayed on that road to the east to see how far it would go. When I got this far, I started laughing and decided you needed to enjoy this as well.


It doesn’t matter how much they build up the housing in that area, or how much vegetation they plant — that cell tower will NEVER look normal. I guess when you look at the catalog to order your ‘cell tower camouflage’ there aren’t a whole lot of options.

And on Sunday morning we were in the park early at White Sands National Monument in order to enjoy these:


and many others!


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