No big hills

Saturday was WABA’s 50 States/13 Colonies Ride. They are member-only rides through the city. The 50 States goes on all the streets named for states, winding through all four quadrants. It adds up to about 62 miles (metric century) but it’s stop and start all day so it is exhausting.

My friend Julia and I have done this together for three years. The first two years we got rained out shortly after the second rest stop. This year we knew we wouldn’t be able to finish for a number of reasons. I had to bail early to attend a bridal shower. Julia was in a car accident a few weeks ago and is still recovering from serious whiplash. We agreed to take it slow and enjoy the time catching up together.

We biked about 25 miles before the effects of the car accident caught up with her neck and back. I was perfectly happy to stop with her because right before she needed to call it quits, I climbed the two hills that I struggled on last year. This year, they were SO easy.

We hopped the bus to get back to her house. About halfway there, the bus was cut off by a big white Suburban, the driver slammed on his brakes, and an older gentleman who had boarded but not quite made it to his seat flew to the front of the bus and fell on the floor banging his head. The bus driver pulled over and called his dispatch. We decided it was a good time to get our bikes off the rack and ride to her condo. (As good citizens we did give the bus driver our contact info as witnesses).
Having missed our lunch stop, we grabbed something to eat near her place. As we were leaving the cafe, I dropped my phone and my screen cracked. I have never had that happen!
Because we were in DC, in Adams Morgan, I had to be a tourist and take a photo of this (before I dropped my phone):
I had brought clothes to change into for the bridal shower so I cleaned up at her place and headed out…but I couldn’t get my phone’s screen to ‘swipe’ so I couldn’t get to the maps feature to find how to get to the shower. I finally used the voice feature and put in the actual address and that worked, but it took a while. I’m going to try to just deal with the cracked screen until the end of October when I’ll be entitled to an upgrade with AT&T. The last time I bought a cell phone was before all the big companies started charging full price so I’m dreading what is ahead…
I thought I’d be late to the shower but it was fine — I was 20 minutes late by the clock, but the bride-to-be’s grandmother was just getting in the front door so it looked like I planned it! The shower was lovely and it was so nice to catch up with friends from years past!  They all, of course, think I’m nuts having done the cross country ride.
A cold front moved in last night and the weather today and the next few days will be low humidity, cooler temps, and lovely days. In short, perfect biking weather!

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