Settling Into Something New

I’m trying out pedals and cleats that give me more of a platform to support my feet when I’m pedaling. Today was the first day and I wasn’t too happy with them.

Of course, to get the new cleats and pedals, I also had to get new shoes. I think that’s where the problem is. I think they’re just too small. I know, they’ll stretch, but in the meantime, my toes are screaming, “STOP!!!”  Since my toes were already feeling bad with the SPD pedals and cleats, I’m not moving in the right direction here.

So, using my frequent flyer privileges, I’ll be back at Green Lizard again tomorrow.

Rads and I went out for a ride this morning leaving before 8 from Green Lizard. This is what we saw when we crossed Rt. 28.


This is looking north and the cars were crawling as far as the eye could see. Moments like this I can’t help but snicker that I’m in the fresh air moving as fast as I want to go. I know, it’s not very kind of me but there you go.

We did 30 miles.

This afternoon I had a meeting about after school bike shop at the middle school so I naturally biked. I was delighted to see this on the 2nd day of school!


There were more on the racks next to me, but I was particularly happy to see these because they have HELMETS with them. Our local law requires children under 15 to wear helmets while riding bikes. I struggle with the helmet issue for the middle schoolers. I think that if they HAVE to wear helmets, many of them will give up biking. Sigh. If only the “Cool Kids” decided helmets were a fashion item, they’d all wear them. And then they’d all want to bike, right?

I was also delighted that the new after school activities director is completely supportive of the shop. We’ll start with just one day and see how that works out. Bike shop for the win at Herndon Middle School!

On my way home I saw this little beauty by the path. I have no idea what it is – and there was only ONE of them! Ten points to anyone who can identify it!


We’re promised some more horrible heat and humidity tomorrow so I might just take a day off from riding. My toes will thank me!



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