Around Middleburg

Middleburg is just west of the DC area, and is known for its posh atmosphere and totally horse/hunt vibe. The very rich have traditionally lived out there and held off both development and interlopers.

However, there’s a resort and spa out there for whom my friend is providing a bike tour for some guests next month. They’ll ride from the spa to a local winery, enjoy a tasting session and be driven back to the spa. I told him I’d go ride the proposed route today to see how a guest might look at it.

These are some photos of the ride.


Foxcroft Road, looking back at what I’d climbed.


There was an entire hedge of these beauties.

This is another one of the conservation trust areas

It is difficult to go anywhere in Virginia, even in northern Virginia where I live, without running into or tripping over Civil War history. Middleburg is no exception. There was a battle of Middleburg ( and a battle of nearby Aldie (

I knew that there had been action out here, but I didn’t know any details. (I still don’t know any more than you will if you read those references above). But as I rode my bike, I looked at all those stone walls and thought what stories they could tell.

And the verdict on the route?

It better be DARNED good wine so they’ll forget the hills on the ride. Also the gravel road. I had fun with the ride but after this summer, not much fazes me. If they’re not experienced riders, they may be challenged by the hills and the lack of shoulders on the road!


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