Hill Challenge

I had a meeting this morning so didn’t get out to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL riding day until 11:30 or so. I knew I wanted to head west to get some hills in, so I parked my car at the Rt. 28 trailhead and hopped on the Surly Straggler towards Leesburg.

I had sort of half planned a ride, and even loaded it in my Garmin. But once I started it, I saw some of the arrows from the Reston Century and decided to follow those and see where they went.

They went straight up a LONG climb with several portions at 8% grade!

I am pleased to announce that I never stopped riding. I just pushed and pushed and made it through to the top. If you want to look it up, it’s Woodburn Road in Loudoun County, VA. After that one I turned onto New Harmony Church Rd which is a series of rollers.

My point is that after the cross country, even though I didn’t climb every hill, and even though I whined and complained about them, apparently I did enough to give myself the strength to keep doing them here. I’ve done Hunter Station twice now, once on each bike, and now Woodburn Road.

And what did I get in return for such effort? Check this out:

That’s the Blue Ridge in the background.

And then I turned around and saw this sign:


It’s nice to know that there will be some places preserved from McMansions, even in Loudoun County.


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