Between The Showers

Last night we were supposed to get all the rain that the cold front promised, and today was supposed to be near-perfect biking weather.

Woke to rain, decided to bike to my meeting in Herndon anyway. Got wet. The downside to biking to a meeting is that when AJ phoned me to say he had to cancel, I didn’t get the message as it was in my backpack in a plastic bag. Sigh. Instead I went over to Green Lizard and warmed up with a cup of coffee and good company (Beth was working).
Came home (in the rain), dried off and did some work here. By the time I needed to leave for Clarendon, it was overcast but not wet. About halfway there, it started raining again. While Doug and I met and had lunch, it stopped. When I got ready to head home, it started raining again.
At this point I was tempted to jump on the Metro – I had my card and the Metro station was literally in front of me, but decided I was already wet anyway…and pressed on.
When I got to Hunter Station Road, the rain had stopped so I did the climb again. It was a lot harder today with the Straggler than on Monday on the Cannondale. BUT, the Straggler has the tires that came with it on (getting the others tomorrow) so it’s like climbing with mountain bike tires, and I think the front one is underinflated anyway. At any rate — I DID THE CLIMB, but it was not as easy.
Today’s total 44 miles. Wet. A little bit boring.
But in the province of COOL NEWS (and because every blog needs photos), the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) who owns the W&OD Trail Park opened the new section of the trail near the Vienna Community Center. It is absolutely beautiful, and both sides now line up with the crosswalk for maximum visibility.  THANK YOU!

On the west side looking back


Same side but looking towards Whole Foods. Look at all that room!

Since it’s raining again I decided to make beef enchiladas. Good thing it’s just us – I’m missing a couple of ingredients and have (ahem) improvised.


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