Critters and Comfort

Since I’ve been home, on each of my rides I’ve seen at least one of our Virginia native 5-lined skinks! I finally looked them up and this is what the internet says (so it must be true):

The juvenile’s blue tail is used to draw predators away from the main portion of the body and will detach, the tail then twitches for a time after being lost to maintain the predators attention.

It was the blue tail that drew my eye – I thought they were ‘blue tailed’ skinks. Apparently this is the difference:

The one on the left is from Australia, and is unrelated to the Virginia lizard on the right.

I love the bright blue flash of color as they run away from the edge of the pavement back into the grassy cover.

Today I also saw one of these:


It was just standing next to the trail. It was pretty mature – the spots were fading.

But my favorite characters today (and other days) were these guys:


As the chipmunks streak across the trail they always have their tails high and go like lightning. There is never any danger of hitting one of them (not so the squirrels).

Incidentally, have you ever wondered about the term “high-tailing it?” My guess is the person who came up with it was watching chipmunks or white tailed deer take off – their tails are HIGH in the air when they’re moving fast.

Because I’ve been riding every day and not staying home to do boring things like laundry, I had no clean/dry biking shorts today. Undeterred, I grabbed my bibs telling myself if I was hot it would be my own fault. This bib was a gift from Nicole at Velo Ville Cycling in Purcellville for my trip. It was awesome when we were in the mountains, keeping me warm. Nicole had told me it would feel like a hug – and she was right.

This morning Rads and I rode out early (before 6:30 am) due to the heat, and Nicole was right – I felt hugged all morning. We rode out to Ashburn Village Rd and tried to go to the Organic Bakery for a bite to eat but it’s CLOSED! 😦

We got back on the trail east bound and exited at 28 to go to Wegmans where we enjoyed a nice breakfast before riding back home. Only 20 miles, but a nice morning ride.


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