Easy 40

Rode out the W&OD today. Started from Herndon as I needed to mail a package and wanted to stop by Green Lizard (big surprise, I know).

The 20 miles west were easy and smooth. I love that new ramp to the bridge over Rt. 7. It’s the gold standard for separating bike and car traffic. I wish they would do something similar at Fairfax County Parkway trail and the Dulles Toll Road, but I don’t think there’s enough land. The initial designs are an improvement on the current situation but far from ‘safe’.

Speaking of safe, when I stopped for my 20 mile KIND bar, I read my email. I had 2 notices saying there had been an incident on the trail in Leesburg. I had just ridden through there and hadn’t noticed any kind of increased police presence or any suggestion that things were not normal. Usually when something happens there’s an anxiety in the air. NO suggestion of that today. I weighed going the extra 4 miles out to Trails End in Purcellville, but so much of that is exposed and it was already near noon, so I turned and headed back.

The return from the west is always so cool, flying down from Clark’s Gap into Leesburg. Very sweet. By the time I was down to the last 10 the sun was coming out and the humidity was climbing. I was happy to see Green Lizard again!

And my pineapple smoothie was just perfect. Thank you, John!

So 40 miles. Good stuff.


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