I’m back!

I switched over to our joint blog “dc3bike” for the summer journey. Feel free to pop over there to check it out. But now that we’re back and think of ourselves as individual riders, I decided to go back to my own blogging for my own entertainment.

And such entertainment!

The correct number of bikes is n+1, with n being the number you already have. Right before I left on the trip I sold my Bianchi to a friend who is in grad school (and thus very poor). She loves it and treats it right. So I was down to two bikes, my Cannondale and my folding bike I use for teaching. When I returned from the trip, I discovered that my daughter had indeed taken my folding bike with her to grad school. That’s fine as I had authorized it, but it meant that I was down to JUST ONE BIKE!

That’s a scary position to be in – to be solely dependent on one bike. Plus the Cannondale is a dream, but it’s a carbon dream and not great for transporting stuff. So I started my search for a second bike. (I will replace the folder with another $200 Citizen bike so I have one for teaching)

Today I rode to Falls Church to Bikenetic and saw my friend Pete so I could check out the Salsa Vaya line. I rode a 2016 X9 which was quite nice. I’m going back Thursday to try out one of the 2017 Deore’s to see if I like it as well or better. I’m not wild about the color of the Deore on the computer, so hopefully it’s better in person.

But — I promised you entertainment. On my way back from Falls Church I started feeling like something was stinging or biting the inside of my leg inside my bike shorts. I thought perhaps I had ants in my pants — but couldn’t do much about it in the middle of the trail. I’m leery about getting off the trail these days because the poison ivy is rampant, so I was trying to pinch myself in that location in the hopes that if there WAS an ant or something in there I’d render it harmless.

I must have looked hilarious. I was playing Chicago music on my speaker so it probably looked like I was (badly) dancing. When I got home and looked, there were definitely little bites or stings.

The mystery is – where the heck did that come from? I’ve had bug strikes on my face and shoulders but …

On the other hand, I saw this:

Morning Glory

Fuller Center has released a map of the summer 2017 routes. Part of it is appealing to me. I would definitely be more prepared physically and emotionally. And if I’m going to be hot and sweaty anyway, why not do it seeing the country from the seat of a bike. Hmmm…the Cannondale or the Salsa?



As you can see, they’re doing three different rides. A west coast, an east coast, and a cross-country. Anyone feeling adventurous?


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