A Good Non-biking Biking Day

For not getting any time riding today, it was still a great day.

Met with the guy (BD) who used to run the middle school after school bike shop program that I ran last year. I had stepped in because he’d been in a car/bike crash and was recovering. He is SO much better that he says he can come back one of the two days this year and be the mechanic/responsible person to run it. That only leaves me one day that I have to find someone to help.

More importantly, he’s friends with the new After-school activities director which will be a huge help in terms of support and new directions for the program. The only downside is that BD wants to retire from teaching after this year, so we have one year to try to convince one of the new teachers that this program was MADE for him or her to run. Cross those fingers.

Then I ran by the school and got into the trailer to find a part that had been donated by one of the Green Lizard mechanics at the end of the school year. I had no time to sort through to see what was there. The part I was looking for was something like this:


In searching for it I finally got to go through what all he had donated and wow — tools, shop aprons, cable, housing, tubes, a cassette still in its bag, similar for some other parts too. We won’t have to purchase supplies for quite a while!

It was so great to be back in the bike shop trailer even if for only a while looking for parts. I got to reassure myself that we do indeed have something worth saving in this program.

Later I stopped by Green Lizard and talked to them about my n+1 search. They’re ordering a Surly Straggler and (hopefully) one of the new Cannondale Touring 2’s for me to try. Both are comparable to the Salsa Vaya line. This is getting fun!

When I got home I discovered that two of our major near-death intersections (for people walking or on bikes) are both being scoped for redesign. Somehow the process got going in March and I missed it – but now I can see the initial designs and I’m encouraged. I’ve been working on trying to get the County to pay some attention to these intersections for five or more years. Woo-hoo!

And Bikenetic called from Falls Church saying the Vaya won’t be in until Friday so tomorrow I have nothing on my schedule except to:





Thank you, I think I’ll go out to Purcellville for lunch then. Want to ride with me?



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