Little Ride, Big Joy

Amy was one of my first riding partners, and is one of the women who inspired me to ride regularly.

She still has a daughter in high school so we don’t get to ride as often as we used to, but today she was available for a short ride and we had a great time catching up.

There are some people who are just N.I.C.E. That’s Amy. In fact, she’s so nice she let me in on the secret about University of Wyoming (she’s from there) and now my son is incredibly happy and fulfilled as a student there.

Today she also gave me a handmade loaf of bread. Yeah, that nice!

So while we only went 17 miles, it was a BIG joy to spend time with her. It put a smile on my face all day.

Had lunch with another great friend today, Maggie. Being with her is always a joy too. She is UBER busy at work so I know that when she makes time for me it’s because she really wants to do so.

We talked about the trip and somewhere along the way she offered to make some of my ‘power bars’ and send them along to me to help restock. What an awesome friend, right?

Fortunately, I know where I’ll be on July 15, and my son’s address will be just fine for delivery!

After leaving Maggie I stopped by the container store for a couple of trip items. Look what I found there! This backpack is SO lightweight and packs down into the little bag in the second photo.

It’s on sale ($27.99) but I couldn’t figure out a way to justify it to myself, so I left it there. You might want to get one though.


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