Laughing out loud

Did a recovery ride of 20 miles today. I started at Green Lizard and headed west. Out a little ways on the trail a ‘situation’ developed.

Here’s a little graphic to help you understand. I’m the pink triangle. A woman was entering the trail with a stroller from the left. A cyclist was coming from that side. A cottontail rabbit was on the trail ahead of her. So she was really slow waiting for the bunny to move. I slowed way down since she did, and since there was a cyclist on the other side going by. As soon as I could, I passed her (rabbit having disappeared into the underbrush).

trailBut since I had almost come to a standstill, I was starting slow. A guy comes from behind me (blue triangle at the bottom) and passes me. I totally understand that and support it. He was ‘at speed’ and I wasn’t. But then…

But then he gets right in front of me, stops pedaling and starts getting a drink from his water bottle. We’re on a slight grade, and now he’s down at about 11mph.

I was ramping up from having been stuck behind the stroller, so after a minute or two of this, I checked over my shoulder, rang my bell, and moved out to pass him.

As I did I said (in a friendly manner), “Hey, now it’s my turn to pass. Have a good ride.”

He said, “I guess you’ll be my pacer.”

Huh? Maybe he didn’t like getting ‘chicked’ and maybe he just didn’t know what to say. But who passes, pulls in tight, and then stops pedaling and starts futzing around with their water?

Maybe this is the 50ish male version of pulling my pigtails (if I had any). I had no time for that though and applied some muscles to the pedals and made it to Carolina Brothers in record time.

So — was he flirting? Was he annoyed at the pass? On the cosmic scale of stuff that happens, does this even matter?

Nah…and the 20 was just fine and another good day on the bike. Definitely recovered from yesterday.

And by the way, the lubricant Les changed my bike over to is made by Boeing. I’m thinking it will help me FLY across the country this summer, right?


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