What IS that blue stuff?

Had to drop the car off for service today in Tysons Corner. Per my usual practice, I took the bike and helmet with me so I could bike home.

Right across Rt. 7 from the Toyota dealer is a new Walmart. Back behind the Walmart and behind the Sheraton, there’s a small neighborhood called Westwood Village.

If you go into the development, and take the first left, you’ll connect with the Ashgrove Trail. Fairfax County can’t officially send you through the private development, but the residents don’t seem to mind cyclists coming through.

ashgrove2Riding that trail can take you many places on the west side of Rt. 7. I take it to get back to the W&OD so I can get back to Reston. You can connect to Montmorency Dr. and end up near Wolf Trap, or you can go to Irvin, and follow Courthouse and Creek Crossing down to Vienna. I think it depends on whether you want coffee or not.

I didn’t need coffee so while I took the route further into Vienna, once I turned onto the W&OD I stretched my legs. There weren’t many people out, and there was this weird blue stuff overhead.

We haven’t seen it for days. Even the days that were dry were overcast last week. It was truly glorious to see beautiful blue and white puffy clouds.

Of course, that was this morning. Writing this now, there’s a thunderstorm moving through.

Rode straight out the trail to Green Lizard, visited them, and then headed home. Today was only 17 because tomorrow is 100. Meeting Lesly in Rosslyn … it will be my last long mileage before the trip. Hope it’s mostly dry.


Another traffic dilemma/question.

These are Google Maps shots of where the W&OD crosses Sunrise Valley and Sterling Blvd. I’ve placed a smiley face in the median of each.

Question: Is this smiley face still in the crosswalk? Does the crosswalk extend all the way across the main road, or are they two separate crosswalks on each photo?

The answer is important because if car traffic must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, then the pedestrian should be able to continue all the way across rather than getting stranded in the median.

Of course, I’m not going to tempt this with my body, but I asked my cop buddies on Friday at Bike to Work Day and they didn’t know.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “What IS that blue stuff?

  1. Gillian Burgess

    VA law actually uses the term “at a crosswalk”. The most reasonable interpretation is that the car is at the crosswalk, and of course, they would have to yield if continuing on would result in a collision. Seems to me that would apply whether the ped is in the crosswalk or yet when the car starts to yield.


  2. kbikeva Post author

    True, “at” is the correct preposition. While it doesn’t make sense that a car should have to sit yielding on the east side when the pedestrians are crossing the west side stretch, when the pedestrians are people on bicycles, they can be across that entire stretch (east and west) more quickly than a pedestrian. Hence the question. If they are protected because they are in a crosswalk all the way across, that’s one thing. If they have to stop in the median as if that’s a whole new crosswalk, it’s a different thing entirely. Again, academic because I’m not going to test the theory with my life…



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