Bad Signage

This sign really bothers me. You see it all over the place in Fairfax County, usually where an intersection is set up so that pedestrians get the “walk” light at the same time cars traveling the same direction get the greeIMG_1724n light. As if that isn’t dangerous enough, the sign refers to pedestrians. Most people who drive cars would argue that people on bicycles, even if using the crosswalk, are NOT pedestrians.

Better wording would say: “YIELD to ANYONE in CROSSWALK”

Ambiguity in signage is dangerous for everyone – the walker, the person on the bike, and even the person driving the car. Maybe I’m naive but I believe most people who drive cars would be haunted for life if they hit and injured another human being with their car. Sadly, I think that if it was a person on a bicycle, they would figure out some rationalization as to why it isn’t their fault.

AND if I were the Empress of all traffic rules, the one I would banish is Right Turn on Red. I wouldn’t allow it. EVER. It’s dangerous to pedestrians and people on bicyclists, particularly since most people don’t STOP as they’re supposed to – they just sail right through the red. But, enough of that.

Instead of going to the big Bike/Beer fest in DC (Tour de Fat), I taught a 9 year old special needs kid to ride a bike. THAT was awesome. We used a parking deck for cover (rain again) and along one side there’s a stream. Every time we were on that side of the garage I could hear a bullfrog call. It was so cool – a little bit of wildness in the middle of suburbia.

After the lesson my car wouldn’t start. Fortunately, I had a bike with me so I rode home. In the rain. Then I changed bikes and went to ride some training miles. After 22 I was back where the car awaited some love. No joy so I called my husband to come with the jumper cables. At present, it seems to be fine. It’s going in for a tune-up and inspection tomorrow anyway, so let’s hope I can get it here. I will, of course, ride my bike home after dropping it off.

The student’s mom made a generous donation to the Fuller Center ride in lieu of payment for lessons. My total at this point: $2850.62 or 57%.


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