Even the ducks know my name…

…or they should after today. I left my house at 9am determined to ride despite the rain. My goal was 75 miles rain or shine.

I jinked around this area to get a headstart on the mileage and then headed west to Purcellville on the W&OD.

I saw exactly 5 other cyclists on the trail. On the way out I saw women cyclists twice (we are TOUGH). I also saw a man who looked like he is from one of those west Asian countries that gets monsoons. The rain wasn’t bothering him!  On the way back I crossed paths with two young men who appeared to be playing hooky …

While in Purcellville I stopped at Veloville USA, a Bikes & Coffee place. Scott and Nicole are the owners and they’re wonderful. I purchased a Merino base layer while I was there and changed out of my soaked jersey. It is HEAVENLY.  I’m going back to the store to get another one. Of course, this time I’ll drive if it’s raining.

When I got back to Green Lizard I had 58 miles on the computer. I resolved to just go home and give myself virtue points for all the rain. But when I got to the first turn off towards my house I just didn’t feel like quitting at 60, so I stayed straight on the trail and went down to Sunrise Valley.fountain

Along the way I came across the new addition to trail comfort at Sunset Hills.  Hooray!

To make sure I upped my miles to at least close to 75, I did some back and forth around Reston south of the toll road. About the time I got back to the Fairfax County Parkway Trail the rain started getting even harder. My fingers were starting to have grip issues, so I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and took the turnoff for my area.

Finished with 70 miles on the computer, and a thoroughly filthy bike. I immediately hosed it down. And me. I figured I was wet and cold already so it wasn’t going to matter, right?

So, the good parts of today’s soggy ride.

  1.  Bluebirds – lots of bright flashes of bluebirds near Purcellville
  2. Goldfinches – near where the bluebirds were
  3. Pileated woodpecker – near Berlin Turnpike
  4. Woodchuck
  5. Lots of bunnies
  6. Spending time with Nicole and Scott at Veloville
  7. Checking in with Les at Green Lizard (bike going in for pre-trip tune-up)
  8. Warm heated blanket at home
  9. I persevered and actually, feel pretty good physically!

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