Not Completely Dormant

I’ve had a hard time getting miles in the last week – all for good reasons. Daughter’s graduation, then her being home. My mom here for graduation. Then we three ran up to MA to visit my grandmother (Dad’s mom). Then son came home from college for the week. Then my mom left. Then my daughter left. In between all that we had torrential rains AND my after school bike shop had their annual bike sale.

Whew. So now only son is still home (and low maintenance), bike shop doings are finished and I got to ride today…FINALLY!

I did 29 miles, trying to stay off the W&OD. When I did get on it though I discovered that the effect of wind gusts was similar to rain — it clears the trail for only the most motivated riders.

Thus, there weren’t nearly as many people on the trail which made for a nice ride. Why 29 and not 30? I was actually going for 25, so the extra 4 are bonus.

This week will be the 75 mile ride. The only day I have that much time to dedicate to the ride is Tuesday, and the prediction of rain is 60%…at least I’ll be ready for Seattle!

By the way, our bike shop sale was very successful yesterday. After we’d sold the majority of the bikes, I let the boys go look at other things in the yard sale. This is after they returned. Sigh. Middle School Boys.

Bike Shop


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