Liquid Sunshine

I needed to ride 15 today, especially since I skipped my 10 yesterday. (Good excuse – mom is in town and daughter drove up to surprise her so we all went to lunch).

But today I dropped mom off at Dulles Town Center to perambulate and went over to the trailhead at Pacific Avenue to ride.

I couldn’t find my Garmin, and apparently put only ONE glove in the car (sigh), but decided not to be a wimp about it. I know that from Pacific Avenue to where Battlefield Parkway crosses the trail is about 8 miles, so that would be my turnaround point.

Because the Fuller Center Ride uses Ride With GPS, I turned that on to track my ride so I can get familiar with using it, which confirms that my ride was just short of 17 miles round trip.

When I first got on the trail I saw a cottontail sitting in the middle of the trail taking a delicate drink from the water pooling there. He was probably so relieved to have the trail nearly to himself for a change!

The sleepy Goose Creek wasn’t so sleepy today after days and nights of rain.


I kept it pretty slow until I felt comfortable with the conditions and then stretched out my legs. Even with stopping to take some photos, I did the round trip in about an hour with an average speed around 14mph.  I’ll take it!

And just to show there are some hardy souls in our middle schoolers, check this out:


Trailside Middle School, The Broadlands

When I got back to the car I changed into dry clothes … except instead of grabbing my ‘easy to pull on when you’re soaked’ pants, I had grabbed some compression tights. Even with no one else in the parking lot I didn’t want to step out of the car to try to get them on…so I wrapped myself in my beach towel (that was thinking ahead to bring one!) and went to pick up my mom. We went to Green Lizard and I wore my towel in, carrying my tights, and went straight to the changing room. Fortunately, they know me there and didn’t lift an eyebrow.

I have to say something about today’s ride. I rarely endorse products, but based on numerous recommendations, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Shebeest Century shorts. As soon as we got home, I ordered a second pair. I’ll save my Pearl Izumis for short rides from here out. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Oh my goodness, you have no idea until you try them.


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