Fighting for Every Mile

I did not want to ride today. Let me make that really clear.  I DID NOT WANT TO RIDE TODAY. I just wasn’t feeling it.

But, my daughter graduates this weekend and family is coming into town, so I knew I wasn’t going to get another chance to do the long miles.

So I rode. I went from the Old Reston Avenue parking lot along the W&OD to the turn-off for Fairfax County Parkway trail. Then I turned north and rode that trail up to Wiehle. I crossed on Wiehle headed toward Herndon (road ride – no trail there). When I got to Dranesville Road I headed south towards Herndon in the oldest bike lanes in Fairfax County. I wove through Herndon and rejoined the W&OD (without even stopping by to whine about riding at Green Lizard!)

Then it was all W&OD out to Ivandale Rd. I didn’t go all the way to Purcellville – didn’t need to.

Along the way I stopped twice to eat the sour cherry bars I made yesterday evening. If a cherry tree grows up someday next to the bench dedicated to Paul Rossignol on the trail, you can thank me. Those were supposed to be pitted cherries – yikes! Good thing I didn’t break a tooth!

I was worried about what the rain would have done to the trail and to the ford over Tuscarora Creek, but all was good. The photo shows little rapids on the normally placid creek!creek

At Catoctin Circle I crossed paths with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (the W&OD owners) truck towing the path blower. By the time I returned, they had also cleared the half a tree that was on the westbound lane near Sterling Blvd.

This lack of enthusiasm today was worrisome. If it’s this hard to fight for the 55 miles, what will I do when there are still 46 more to go on our longest day? I think my nutrition has something to do with this. Need to do some research.



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