Don’t like the weather?

Wait 10 minutes. This is the time of year when northern Virginia’s weather is mercurial. Despite the people who say, “it’s never been this bad . . .” I remember many baseball and swim practices being canceled out when my kids were growing up – mostly due to someone hearing thunder. It sure wasn’t the kids hearing it, especially during swim practice!

At any rate, this morning I woke up to pounding rain. I had a doctor’s appointment at 8, and while I could have ridden, I’d have been competing with school buses and rush hour traffic on two lane roads. No thanks. I wouldn’t have done it had the weather been dry either.

The nurses were very happy with my blood pressure and other evidence I’m continuing to get healthier as I train for this big adventure. By the time I finished with my provider (I just needed a prescription renewed and they wouldn’t do it without an office visit), she had written down “shebeest” and “” and we had talked about stretching her distances when she rides.  Convert for the WIN! She had complications from the flu this winter and her pulmonologist has told her that to build her lung capacity she needs to get out and RIDE HER BIKE!

Then I had a haircut appointment and again I could have ridden down to Vienna, but it was steamy wet and I knew I’d have time after the haircut. By the time I finished there, the SUN WAS OUT.  First time in days! I changed clothes and jumped on the bike to ride my 15 miles I’d set out for myself.

My community, Reston, has lots of hills. They’re not crazy severe like Arlington’s, but they’re significant, and you can set up a route that takes advantage of all of them – and manages to cover 15 miles (without going on any of those crazy 2 lane roads). I saved the worst for last – Hunter Station – and once again, my nemesis won. But I will be back and I will stay on my bike up that entire darned hill before I leave for the trip!

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 7.12.57 PM

That purple part on the elevation graph is Hunter Station Rd.

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 7.13.15 PM

So now I’m sitting at my kitchen table looking out the front window watching the pouring rain and lightning and listening to thunder and wondering why they canceled the ‘severe weather watch’…and being glad I rode this afternoon while the sun was shining!

By the way, today is the second day of the National Bike Challenge. Yesterday was a rest day for me, so I started today. Tomorrow I’m due to ride 55 … trying to decide which route to go because I think I’m going to get wet regardless of what I decide in terms of time or direction. Good practice for this summer.


One thought on “Don’t like the weather?

  1. pearbeck

    This looks great, Kelley! How are the roads on your hill route? I rode the Arlington hills exactly once this spring, and the road conditions were dicey. I brake on the plummeting downhills anyhow, but if they’re gonna have gaping potholes right where we need to ride…. Maybe we should try Reston!



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