Signs and Wonders

I started the morning by attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new bike counter on the W&OD Trail in Reston. It’s the first in Fairfax County. Reston Bike Club bought it ($7000) and it’s the low tech kind. Unlike the one in Arlington, this one just records the info — no fancy display.

IMG_1662  VS.

Theirs is definitely sexier. But, with the new counter in Reston we’ll start to collect data to justify expenditures like the fancy Arlington one. Arlington is 40 square miles. Fairfax County is 400 square miles. A bit of difference!

After I rode over the counter I headed east on the W&OD and went to the I-495 bridge. That’s about 9 miles. I love to stop on the bridge to compare the difference in mode. The bridge is over one of the busiest loops in the nation and it is always really noisy. Today when I was there traffic was light — but just look at the infrastructure required to support the region’s traffic. 


I saw a sign that I found amusing and only too true. It’s at the crossing of the W&OD in Vienna near where the community center is being renovated. I do appreciate the nicely maintained W&OD detour!


It made me laugh because of course, cars cannot see. It should say STOP DRIVERS CANNOT SEE YOU…and as a person on a bike, I always assume that is true!

So now that I’ve given you the sign, here’s the wonder. Despite the predictions, I did the entire 20 miles without getting wet from the sky! The trail was wet from earlier rain and the rain last night, so I got grime and that kind of wet on me, but the heavens withheld the forecast deluge.

Apparently, that will happen tomorrow. Glad to have missed it.

When I returned to Reston I rode over the counter again. Just because.


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